Nevada Casinos

Although there are endless opportunities for fun, excitement and recreation in Nevada, it is the Reno casinos, Lake Tahoe casinos and Carson City casinos that really made the reputation of the Silver State and that continue to draw visitors from around the world. The roots of the state’s gaming culture are relatively inauspicious and lie in backroom poker sessions, dinnertime Keno games and clunky mechanical slot machines in roadside diners. Some of the Reno casinos, Carson City casinos and Lake Tahoe casinos today still reflect these origins, particularly in the more rural areas. The larger casino hotels and resorts are the result of entrepreneurial pioneers who realized that packaging gambling along with other forms of entertainment could drive the entire industry to unforeseen heights. Frank Sinatra, his group of friends known as the Rat Pack and even Elvis Presley were just some of the big-name performers who brought the national spotlight to the area’s showrooms. Contemporary Nevada casinos will often include a lodging component and a range of dining options for their visitors, making for a complete vacation-resort experience. Many also offer up live entertainment ranging from small intimate lounge shows to full-blown concerts featuring the hottest and most popular bands and singers. Other attractions at the Reno casinos, Lake Tahoe casinos and Carson City casinos include special themed performances such as comedy, magic or circus-style extravaganzas, and nightclubs are a big draw among the late-night crowd.

Reno Casinos

When gamblers – or even non-gamblers – think of Reno, they probably think of casinos first. After all, this place is known to have some of the best casinos around, and when you combine the other recreational activities that surround the area, what used to be gambling weekends often turn into family excursions. You can experience Reno casinos that are full-on resorts with every amenity you'd expect from a four-star property: high-end restaurants, 24/7 diners, luxurious accommodations, lavish spas, resort shopping, pools, workout facilities and more. Still, if you're more old school, you can also find small hole-in-the-wall joints where slot machines are lined up along the wall. Reno casinos are a business, and like any other business they want to earn and keep your patronage. To this end, many have instituted loyalty programs or player clubs through  which you can earn points or have access to special member-only promotions. Whenever you stop in at one of the Nevada casinos, sign up for their program so you don’t miss out on any of their deals on gaming, dining, lodging or entertainment.

Lake Tahoe Casinos

If you know this area, you are aware that Lake Tahoe is located in both California and Nevada, and the latter is where you go to gamble. Where? To Stateline, Incline Village and Crystal Bay (where the gambling tradition goes back to 1937). As in Reno, you can patronize Lake Tahoe casinos that are little more than a room with a few slots, or you can go to the other end and experience luxury. Some of these helped shape the image of casinos being sexy, semi-dangerous and smoky spots where the In Crowd hung out, thanks to Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack's influence in the 1950s. While that nightclub appeal is still found (and alive and well, we might add), it's coupled with Lake Tahoe casinos that are classy and cater to guests who know how to expect the best. Nationally known music groups and other top-end entertainers add to the possibilities of things to do at Lake Tahoe casinos, and the on-site restaurants are some of the best in the area, drawing diners from all over the area.

Carson City Casinos

Carson City is the capital of Nevada and is known for its focus on arts, government and the surrounding recreational activities. But it has what few other capitals in this country can boast: Carson City casinos! Gambling in the seat of government, oh my! And, while the number of establishments doesn't rival Reno or Lake Tahoe, the range in Carson City casinos does. Here, you can tuck into a side street spot, experience a gracious dark wood-toned hall or go for the neon and glitz of bigger casinos. The rough-and-tumble atmosphere of some of the smaller, older places harkens back to the early days of the city, adding a weird sort of appeal to the local gambling scene. But, similar to its neighbors, Carson City casinos are known to be great places to come to for a superb meal or a fun night on the town listening to a well-known band.