Reno Tahoe Restaurants

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With more than 800 restaurants city-wide, Reno is a diner’s dream. There’s variety galore and, because some of the best restaurants are located within the grand casinos, you can get a meal most any time of day or night. Restaurants around Lake Tahoe are as full of personality as is each town. And due to the focus on activity and health that permeates the Tahoe area, the ingredient-conscious diner will be grateful … but so will the hungry ones who wants to chow down on a huge Bison burger with a side of fries. Carson City’s restaurant scene is far more impressive than one might think if you’re not familiar with the town. Here you can choose from ultra-modern juice bars to ethnic choices and historic restaurants operating since the late 1800s (not kidding!). With such relatively short distances between all three of these locations, it’s certainly not unheard of to take a drive to check out a new restaurant.

Reno, NV, Restaurants

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Reno, NV, is called the Biggest Little City in the World, and the Reno, NV, restaurants work hard to live up to that reputation with what they offer. Looking for a hole-in-the-wall honky tonk bar? You’ve got it. Is five-star class more to your liking? You’re in luck. Reno, NV, restaurants cover every conceivable ethnic flavor yearning and atmosphere, just like you’d expect in the big city, but without the crowds and hubbub. Remember, we’re a little city. Some of the restaurants in Reno have been around for decades and reflect the Old West cattle industry or the influence from the area dairy farms on their menus. Other, such as the high-end eateries located within the glamorous casinos, are newer to the dining scene but have earned a reputation as places to go for extra special celebrations. Of course, even if you’re not staying in one of the casinos, you should stop in to experience one of the famous breakfast buffets that most of them offer.

Lake Tahoe Restaurants

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With the six different towns that dot the lake’s perimeter like jewels on a necklace, you can have ever-changing dining adventures in Lake Tahoe restaurants. If you’re in search of a lot of diversity, South Lake Tahoe restaurants and Truckee restaurants are your best choices simply because these two towns contain the largest number of options. But you certainly won’t be disappointed in any of the other Tahoe towns. It stands to reason that seafood features prominently in Tahoe restaurants, but local chefs put a lot of emphasis on farm to fork menus that feature locally raised beef and locally grown produce. As far as atmosphere goes, expect to be delighted! With the scenery provided by Mother Nature, lots of places give you front row seats to the lake or the Truckee River, and that can be in either an upscale dining room or in a beachside bistro. Or you might experience a bit of history by dining in a building that’s served visitors for more than 140 years.

Carson City Restaurants

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Carson City restaurants really do please any palate. Would you expect to find Basque food here? See what we mean? But here’s a sampling of what else you can expect: Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, Mandarin, El Salvadorian, Indian, Vietnamese and, of course, American. We’re talking steaks, burgers, sushi, barbecue, pizza, subs, coffee and pastries, breakfast, beer joints, pubs, family-friendly, high-end, smoking and nonsmoking, tamales, bangers, vegetarian, soups, buffets, bakeries, delis, juice bars, cocktail bars … ok, now we’re working up an appetite. You might dine downtown in the midst of the legislative buildings in an historic setting, in a busy casino or in a Carson City restaurant located in a neighborhood on the outskirts of downtown. Plenty of our local eateries offer take-out  and kid menus. You’ll find Carson City restaurants that are new national chains you’ll know from other places as well as ones that have been serving hungry diners for decades.