Reno Tahoe Events

Including Carson City Events

You’d better eat your Wheaties before you tackle all the possible Reno events and Tahoe events you’ll find. There’s a boat load of them, happening every day on schedule, during the nighttime hours and on an annual basis. And by events, we’re not talking about all the recreation you’ve come here to do, such as the biking, hiking and snow and water sports. What we’re meaning are the plethora of classes, scheduled activities, nightlife options, community events and annual happenings that will keep you engaged, informed and entertained. Of course, there’s a fair amount of diversity among Reno events and Lake Tahoe events. With the Biggest Little City in the World, one tends to think of guided tours, theater, casino-sponsored big name musical groups, some really happening nightlife that keeps going until it becomes daylife and, yes, excursions into the surrounding nature. With Lake Tahoe events, it’s harder to keep the nature part from being front and center since most events involve or are backgrounded by the amazing landscape there. Take, for example, a full moon snowshoe tour or moonlight hikes or even karaoke that’s held in a bar right on the lake’s edge. Read on to get a taste of your many choices for Reno events, Lake Tahoe events and Carson City events, then hit the road running.

Reno Events

Daytime | Nightlife | Community

Every reader would think we were crazy if we didn’t start out citing nightlife as the Reno event with the most draw. It might not have the same degree of crazy as that wild neighbor in the southern tip of the state, but after-hour Reno events more than hold their own. Against the neon-lit backdrop, you’ll find magic shows, concerts by current big-hit musical groups, stand-up comedy, entertainers in bars and restaurants and a lively street scene. But there’s more to Reno’s events than what happens when the sun goes down and the par-tee begins. Check out an Aces game, go to an art gallery opening, help sponsor a worthy cause at an elegant gala or attend a lecture at the university. And, if daylight activity is more your lane for Reno events, look for festivals that celebrate the history and culture of the area, take part in a powwow to honor the indigenous Washoe nation, attend art classes or art shows (there’s a huge one during the entire month of July) and look for events that highlight the seasons’ holidays. Being a part of these Reno events is a fun way to meet people and get a true feel for the city’s culture.

Lake Tahoe Events

Daytime | Nightlife | Community | Annual Events

Where do we start? You have so many Lake Tahoe events to choose from that it’s almost like picking snowflakes. So often, we think that the coolest events happen at night, and there’s a lot of nightlife here to intrigue, but Lake Tahoe events that happen in the daytime are mind blowing (and in some cases that’s almost not just an expression). Take the abundance of soul and spirit activities that invite you in such as Reiki sessions, meditation groups or classes on life and loss. Then there are ones that address your health, both physical and emotional, such as classes on joints, weight watchers, community yoga or Mommy and Me groups. But you can also hear live music, go on guided tours, learn a craft, take your toddler to a book reading or get help with your taxes. Once the sun goes down, the Tahoe events choices go up: open mik nights, so many musicians playing in so many places, Après ski events, wellness classes, art exhibits, happy hours, dragon workshops (gotta go to know), speaker series, cocktail races and oh so much more. Now, add in the annual Lake Tahoe events, of which there are many every month of the year, and you’ll never stay put!

Carson City Events

Daytime | Nightlife | Community

Hey! There’s neon lighting up the sky in Carson City too, not only in Reno! Don’t go thinking that Carson City is the country cousin. Well, ok, maybe more of the Carson City events under the moonlight might have a boot scootin’ appeal to them, and you might find more than a sprinkling of cowboy bars and watering holes, but don’t think the nightlife stops there. This is the state capital, after all, so you’ll find some classy bars, historic pubs, theater productions, art gallery openings and musical events too, especially downtown. Branching out a bit, you can also take a ghost tour or go on a wine walk – maybe not concurrently since you might mistake a ghost for something else. When you leave the town center, you’ll find Carson City events such as festivals that focus on the Italian, Basque and Native American cultures and the annual state fair. There are also events that center on offerings from the local ranches and farms.