Reno Tahoe Shopping

Including Carson City Shopping

Sure, the Reno and Tahoe areas are best known for sports such as skiing, showboarding, hiking, biking and gambling, but you’ll run across plenty of people who will argue that Reno shopping – or Tahoe shopping – are just as much sport as the other. There’s the anticipation, the execution and, in most cases, the exhilaration after the fact. Sounds like sports to us. Making the most of your shopping in Reno, Tahoe or Carson City is all about being prepared – knowing what’s out there and having a plan to get to as many shops as possible. Luckily, the shopping scene in the six Tahoe towns is all walkable, as it is in Carson City. In Reno, shopping districts that also include restaurants make it easy to spend the entire day on a retail hunt. The detailed listings in each of these sites will be your guide. Read up on what each place offers, then head off for what some consider America’s most favorite sport.

Reno Shopping

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It’s common knowledge that the gambling experience brings a vast number of people to Reno, but the casinos, in their own right, contribute in a big way to the local Reno shopping experience too. Within many of the grand casinos, often within shouting distance of the gaming floor, you’ll find lots of shops catering to those people not wanting to gamble or to those who need another way to use their money. But, outside of the casinos, there’s a vast world of Reno shopping to entice you. Head to one of the designated shopping districts and plan to spend the day, since you’ll also find restaurants, coffee shops and other places to take a break from the retailing. Or, if you’re downtown, just find a good parking spot and set out to explore. There are shops galore. If being under one roof is more your speed, Reno shopping malls can be your retail experience of choice with a collection of national name-brand stores you’ll appreciate.

Lake Tahoe Shopping

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Ok, you’ve got six different towns to choose from when it comes to Lake Tahoe shopping, so no excuses, you “I don’t like to shop” people! Here’s the best part: You won’t find a single enclosed mall in the Tahoe shopping experience! What does that tell you? Well, like Tahoe itself, the majority of shopping here is tied to the area in one way or the other – equipment for snow sports or biking and hiking, clothing that supports those adventures, stores that can get you out onto the lake or the river, souvenir shops with items to help you remember your stay, art galleries and jewelry stores with pieces that represent the glorious local beauty and specialty craft beer and wine shops. Of course, every Lake Tahoe shopper, whether you’re a local or a visitor, needs the basics too, so don’t worry, you’ll also find places to buy those: toys, groceries, hardware, landscaping, drug stores, pet supplies … you get it. There are also several marijuana dispensaries around the lake.

Carson City Shopping

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We like shopping in Carson City because of the diverse experience it offers. In the downtown area, you can explore the city blocks (easily walkable) where you’ll find arts and antiques, books and boutiques, florists and home finery, tattoo shops and thrift stores and just about everything else in between. It’s neat exploring the historic settings that many of these retailers occupy as well. A bit to the south of downtown, you’ll find malls that contain well-known national chains as well as shops unique to the city. Peppered along the main roads are shops selling cowboy boots and clothing, feed and tackle stores, auto supplies, wine and beer, vegetable and farm stands, recreation supplies, gun stores and more. Smoke shops sell tobacco products and smoking accessories as well as CBD oils (though you have to possess a medical marijuana card to purchase cannabis here). Bottom line: If you need it, you can find it in a Carson City shop.