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There are two huge competitors in the Things to Do Around Here contest, one the great outdoors and the other the great indoors. From Reno to Carson City to Lake Tahoe, it’s easy to identify the outdoor contenders: snow sports, hiking, biking, water sports, star gazing and simply standing outside and admiring the 360° beauty. And the indoor contestant? Gambling. Isn’t it interesting how different they are! But isn’t it also interesting that an area can contain two such immense draws for locals and visitors alike? Of course, Reno’s things to do include far more than the slots and dice. More and more, it’s becoming known as a fun place to bring your family with its vibrant arts scene, parks, fishing, planetarium and other fun activities. Carson City’s things to do also go well beyond gambling (unless you consider enacting legislation to be in that arena). Like its close neighbors to the north and west, Mother Nature supplies plenty of activity for you, but there’s art, fitness, classes, tours and more. The Lake Tahoe things to do are legendary, with both summer and winter sports vying for devotees. But when you’re not ascending or descending via whatever means you prefer (skis, boards, bikes, feet, hooves), there’s more recreational activities and attractions to discover.

Reno Things To Do

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Ok, we’ll repeat ourselves: Despite how wildly popular gambling is in this city, it’s not the only rodeo in town (you can, however, see a real rodeo in Truckee). Did you know that Reno has its own pro soccer team called Reno 1868 FC (the 1868 honors the year Reno was founded) as well as a minor league baseball team, the Reno Aces? Other Reno things to do include what’s referred to as a bowling stadium … it has 78 championship lanes, spas, museums that teach you about the history and culture of the area as well as about science and cars, fly fishing, whitewater kayaking, a waterpark, lots of artsy activities such as play and concerts and tours. You can take a break from gambling for a little while and experience the other sides of Reno. But, once you’re back at your casino, make sure you check on what entertainment they’re offering. Often, the bigger casinos bring big names to town, and you don’t want to miss that fun!

Lake Tahoe Things To Do

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If all we concentrated on were the annual events when describing the Lake Tahoe things to do, we could go on for pages. It would help if we segmented these activities into seasons or sports, but the list is still incredibly robust for an area this size. Let’s go with the non-sports related first. Tahoe things to do include Wanderlust, a Renaissance Faire, Truckee Thursdays, haunted tours, brew fests, gallery and museum tours, Earth Day festivals, restaurant weeks, holiday celebrations, summer solstice gatherings, summer music festivals, arts festivals, chocolate and wine events and farmers markets. Of course, when most people think of things to do in Tahoe, their minds go to active pursuits. We have triathlons and marathons and other road races, championship golf tournaments, professional bike races, SUP competitions, snow sport events, Bocce tournaments, that rodeo we mentioned and so much more. Of course all this is on top of the other “normal” things to do in Lake Tahoe such as hiking, biking, golfing, beer drinking, music performances, yoga classes and just communing with friends over a glass of wine.

Carson City Things To Do

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Carson City’s things to do give you some unique options. Let’s soar high above the ground in a hot air balloon or take part in a professional birding tour. If you’re in the mood, maybe a ghost tour will be entertaining or a visit to a local psychic! (In truth, a popular Carson City thing to do is to explore Lone Mountain Cemetery for a glimpse into the American West.) Your kids will appreciate all the activities at the Children’s Museum, and you might want to stay physical with a martial arts class or head to the spa next door. With the big night sky that surrounds Carson City you can star gaze from a local observatory, or consider a tour that explores the local wildlife and terrain. Maybe you want to explore that terrain dangling from a parachute 12,000 feet up. But if you want some idea of kicked back things to do in Carson City, there are therapeutic massage and yoga studios to visit, wine +painting classes, pottery studios where you can create your own piece, cooking classes or parks to sit in and read a book.